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Turn What You Flare Into Fuel

Gas flaring is one of the most critical challenges facing the e-fracking industry today. Environmental consequences and fines. Wasted energy. Untapped opportunities to optimize production costs. As the market shifts and margins become razor-thin, it's no surprise that e-fracking teams are eager to solve the "gas flaring" problem.

SoEnergy's flare gas recovery systems transform associated gas into reliable power for all your e-fracking operations. Our solutions treat and condition your associated gas, overcoming even the most challenging flare gas composition. And thanks to our Power as a Service (PaaS) model, our systems let our customers do more with less--no CapEx required.


Lower Costs and Emissions


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No CapEx Required

Power Generation Solutions for Oil and Gas Production

SoEnergy understands the complex power needs of oil and gas production. We use that experience to deliver customized solutions that work for your operations—reliably, predictably and at a lower cost per kWh. Trust our team to power your transmission distribution, electrical substations, artificial lift and all other oilfield operations. Our power generators can also run in parallel to the grid, providing critical backup with a regulated voltage and frequency. And for e-fracking teams, our flare gas recovery system turns a costly environmental challenge into reliable, clean fuel. No matter your power needs, SoEnergy will engineer, install, mobilize and maintain your site's power supply with the urgency your operations demand.

Fracking Gas Flare Capture
Turn your flared gas into reliable, clean power for your operations

Distributed Oilfield Power
Secure a fast-tracked, customized solution that powers your oilfield's artificial lift and more

Regulated Voltage and Frequency
Fortify your grid with a power solution that eliminates brown outs and opens the door for peak shaving

What is Power as a Service

Tap into the power generation strategy changing the game for   fracking and oil and gas production operations. Use SoEnergy's PaaS model to achieve a customized solution without costly capital investments. Then, let our seasoned engineers oversee installation, management, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 OEM support.

A Proven Power Provider for Oil and Gas Operators

SoEnergy has spent the last two decades engineering and deploying power solutions in some of the world's toughest operating environments. We leverage our Power-as-a-Service model to optimize our customers' kWh, productivity and efficiency without the burden of costly CapEx. With thousands of successful projects and unparalleled engineering capabilities, we're changing the game for oil and gas power generation. 



Explore fast-tracked power generation solutions that keep drilling rigs productive and profitable.



Use customized solutions to power  your well completions, e-fracking and petroleum services operations.



Keep your gas flowing with reliable, customized power generation solutions that overcome the challenges of diesel dependency and gas flaring. 



Tap into the power of alternative fuels for pumping stations, gas stations, booster stations and operations in remote locations.